Medical Screening


Generally, when new hires receive preplacement medical examinations, physician examiners have few resources to utilize when considering an individual for placement. All too often the employer does not provide the examiner with a job description or one in sufficient detail. It is not uncommon for the examiner to only know the name of the organization for which the potential employee is being examined and nothing about the occupation in question.

MED-TOX Health Services can perform a physical abilities and working conditions analysis for any job selected by the employer.  This job analysis method permits the collection of accurate information about the physical demand levels of the job.  The job analysis results can be linked to Medical Screening Guidelines for use by the employer and the employer's occupational medical physician.  

The guidelines can serve a variety of human resource, risk management and occupational medical functions.  Additional information about medical guidelines can be found under the Medical Screening link at the left of this page.

Contact MED-TOX for more information about the Medical Guidelines and how your organization can utilize physical abilities and working conditions analysis for medical screening or to devise job related tests of physical ability.